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  • Family-owned partnership since 1982 - 55 years combined tree care experience
  • Kansas Certified Arborist since 1982
  • Satisfied long-term clients, including municipalities, colleges, school districts, religious entities, corporations and factories
  • Respected throughout the industry
  • Recertified periodically to ensure current standards are in practice
  • Up-to-date safety information and training



Fleet of 3 High-Pressure spraying rigs & Toro computerized turf sprayer

The tree sprayers are truck bed-mounted and have high volume and high pressure capacity, but can also be easily adapted to low pressure, low volume delicate flower and shrub bed spraying.  The units are designed to be adaptable to everything from groundcovers to 65' tall trees.

Tree Injection Systems

  • Mauget Micro-Injection Technology for disease and insect control - simplest and most effective micro-injection system available.
  • A variety of injection tools are used to introduct prescribed treatments directly into the tree - injections can treat nutritional deficiencies, fungus and insects as well as disease.

65' Bucket Truck

Our 65' MAT-3 Bucket Truck is outfitted with a telescoping upper boom and hydraulic cutting tools.  This gives versatility and great accessability to hard-to-reach locations. The truck is also very manueverable in tight quarters.

ASV Posi-Track Loader with Implemax Grapple and other time saving attachments

The Posi-Track skid rubber track loader with Implemax grapple moves heavy logs and cumbersome brush within the work area by taking the material to trucks and chipper.

RAMROD Mini-Loader

Mini-track loader for moving small to medium-size logs along with brush from backyards and over soft ground.

Brush Bandit Chipper

Our Brush Bandit 250 Brush Chipper has a 12'' diameter tree capacity and runs with a John Deere 115hp engine.  The Quad feeder roller system is safe- and efficient.  This large-capacity chipper makes short work of tree and shrub debris.

Hydraulic Stump Grinders

Rayco's self-propelled unit works in backyards and soft ground.  The heavier Miller stump grinder is used with the Posi-Track and is specially designed for land clearing and large stump grinding.

Pruning Equipment

  • Pole saws, chainsaws, pruning shears, hand pruners, harnesses and climbing gear


Some of our past and current commercial clients where you may have seen our work:

  • AGCO of Hesston
  • Alliance Insurance
  • Bethel College of North Newton
  • Canton City
  • Central Christian College
  • Donahue Ranches
  • Excel Industries of Hesston
  • Hesston College
  • Hickory Homes, Hesston
  • McPherson City Parks Department
  • McPherson College
  • McPherson Recreation Commission
  • Schowalter Villa, Hesston
  • Tabor College
  • USD 373 - Newton-Walton
  • USD 410 - Hillsboro
  • USD 411 - Goessel
  • USD 418 - McPherson
  • USD 419 - Canton-Galva

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