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The Crew 
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The 80s



  • Tom becomes a certified Kansas Arborist and starts Brochamwood, which begins as a part-time business, working after hours, weekends and vacations - starting with a compact pickup truck and a family heirloom two wheel trailer
  • Began full-time, dedicated tree work for our clients in 1986
  • Expanded to disease and insect control for trees and shrubs. Lee Sorrell turned over his spraying business in Newton and helped introduce us to his customers
  • Paul Katzer of McPherson Parks Dept starts us climbing and pruning the large Pin Oaks in Lakeside Park and caring for other large trees in Memorial and Linnae Parks
  • First to use the Medi-Ject iron infusion system in our region for Pin Oaks, to provide recovery from iron chlorosis


The 90s


  • Built our commercial building for a shop, tool and truck storage and its security system
  • Purchased our first bucket truck, a used Teco unit.  Still climbing when needed
  • All our sons begin to work as part of cleanup teams and learning the fundamentals of tree biology and care, after-school and summers.  Gavin and Isaac start working for Brochamwood full-time after graduation
  • Built up our fleet and added important equipment, including the Brush Bandit chipper
  • Sports turf and institutional turf care introduced to our clients
  • Improved our tree removal capabilities by acquiring track loader, grapple and stump grinder attachments




  • Added the MAT-3 Bucket Truck in August 2004, increasing our ability to perform more difficult removals and pruning jobs more efficiently and safely
  • Isaac and Gavin attend the October 2009 Kansas Arborists Association certification seminar in Manhattan, KS and pass their exams with flying colors



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