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Jan 2010

Kansas Arborist Association's 2010 Shade Tree Convention - Topeka, KS



This year's Shade Tree Convention was especially exciting for Brochamwood as both Isaac and Gavin received their certificates for completion of the Arborist Training Course.  Good times, good people, and even a funny speaker in a kilt made the banquet a lot of fun for the whole Brochamwood crew.  Tom, Gavin and Isaac worked as well as played and learned a lot at the informative sessions of the conference.


Oct 2009

Isaac and Gavin Bunn of Brochamwood Pass Arborist Certification Course



Congratulations to Isaac & Gavin Bunn for passing their certification courses and making it one step closer to becoming Kansas Arborists!

Gavin and Isaac attended a certification workshop at Kansas State University in Manhattan, KS in early October.



Aug 2008

Selecting and Planting a Tree



Article by Tim McDonnell about proper tree selection and how to plant correctly to ensure maximum health and growth.


Kansas Forestry Service

May 2004

Windbreaks for Kansas



Article by James Strine regarding proper planting, maintenance and use of windbreaks in Kansas.


Kansas Forestry Service

Sept 2003

Iron Chlorosis



Article by Dennis Carlson discussing diagnosis and treatment of iron chlorosis in trees.


Kansas Forestry Service

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