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Atlas Tree Care Services - Gavin Bunn

All of McPherson - Marion - Rice Counties:  Call Gavin & Sarah Bunn for all your ornamental tree, shrub and flowering plant care requests and questions:  620-747-0714

Badgerwood Tree Care - Isaac Bunn

All of Harvey, Butler, Sedgwick & most of Reno Counties:  Contact - Isaac Bunn  for all your ornamental tree, shrub and flowering plant care requests and questions:  316-333-1899

Brochamwood - Limited Work Load

Now limited to current turf weed control and fertilizing of all commercial accounts and the long term private accounts for  custom weed and brush control applications. 

About Us



We specialize in protecting trees, shrubs, perennial and annual ornamental plantings from insect and disease attacks.  We can correct micronutrient problems like Iron or Mg chlorosis and modify high soil ph.  In certain cases we can provide tree and shrub removal and pruning.   


We Care About the Details

Our company pays special attention to the details of every project.  We strive for complete satisfaction of each client. Our goal is to provide high quality care to ensure safe and healthy ornamental plants that will raise your property value, and beautify your whole neighborhood.


With A Wealth Of Experience

For 36 years we have studied the plants, the climate and the threats  that come to us in Central Kansas.   We also know the benefits of a rich and fertile land, where we have learned to provide honest, practical solutions and advice.

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Atlas Tree Care - Gavin Bunn 620-747-0714 Or Badgerwood Tree Care - Isaac Bunn 316-333-1899

Isaac serves the counties of  Harvey, Sedgwick, Butler and most of Reno 


Gavin serves McPherson, Marion & Rice Counties

Brochamwood Tree Care

(620) 367-8202


Monday - Friday: 7am - 5pm

Saturday: By appointment

Sunday: Closed