Tree Shrub & Ornamental Care

Old and a grand American Elm tree on a wonderful farmstead in central Kansas.


                          Brochamwood has transitioned.  Two of our sons have brought their businesses in being.

     Isaac Bunn has created Badgerwood Professional Tree Care at 316-333-1899 He is servicing our long standing &  new clients in Harvey, Butler, Sedgwick & Reno counties; 

     Gavin & Sarah Bunn have created  Atlas Tree Care Services LLC: a new business to serve clients in McPherson, Marion & Rice Counties.    Call them at 620-747-0714 

Seasonal pests

April and May: fungus foliar sprays and Mauget injections for spruce canker & Pine wilt nematode control;  June & July: foliar sprays for spider mites and bagworms, Walnut caterpillars,  euonymus scale crawlers ;  Mauget trunk injections for borer control & micro-nutrient fertilization; Iron infusions for chlorosis in Pin & Red Oaks, Bald cypress, Silver maple & Sweet gum

Clients and Businesses we service

AGCO;  Bethel College, Bethesda Home, Excel Industries; Grasshopper/Moridge; Hesston College; Viega; Prairie View; Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline; USD's 373, 410, 411, 418; McPherson Parks & Recreation;  Youthville; 

1800+ residential clients in Harvey, McPherson, Butler, Marion, Sedgwick, Reno & Rice counties.

What's Hot now

Planning for next year:  Call either Gavin at Atlas Tree or Isaac at Badgerwood (depending on your location) and discuss your observations, concerns and health of your trees and shrubs

Professional Services

Certified pest control application;  Mauget injections, Arbotect fungicide injections for DED control; Iron injections for chlorosis in Pin oak, Red oak, River birch, Silver maple, Bald cypress


Send in your  questions to   (Gavin & Sarah)   (Isaac)